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Topsafe safety footwear are made such safety specifications as having genuine upper leather, extra grip...
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safety footwear
Safety Specification

1. Soft tonque leather
9. Comfort stripe
2. Polyester shoe lace
10. Soft full grain leather upper
3. Cambrella lining
11. Steel toe cap 200 joules impact meets EN12568 Standards
4. Comfort padding to protect a chilles tendon & ankle bone.Foams covered by supple leather.
12. Steel midsole meets BS EN Standrads(optional)
5. D-Ring eyelet
13. Cushion insoles
6. Eyelet
14. Texon insole
7. Counter stiffener
15. Extra light Vulcanised Nitrille Rubber (VNR) will non slip sole pattern
8. Non-woven breathable lining
16. Reinforced Stitching
Genuine upper leather Genuine upper leather.
resistant to acids and alkalis The soles are resistant to most common acids and alkalis.
heat resistant The safety range is chemically inert to most common oils.
Heat resistant soles up to 300°C.
STC standard The Steel Toe Cap (STC) meets the standard of EN 12568. Built to withstand impact of 200 joules.
VNR Extra light Vulcanized Nitrille Rubber (VNR) sole with special design pattern for extra grip (Anti-slip).
Additional reinforced side stiching Additional reinforced side stiching for excellent bonding.
All prots are manufactured under stringent in-house quality control plans All prots are manufactured under stringent in-house quality control plans.
anti-static Anti Static sole can be produced on request only.
EN 12568 The steel sole insert meets the pierce resistance requirements of EN 12568 can be produced on request only.
Respiration enzyme
Respiration enzyme inactivity and Mtabolism enzyme inactivity
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